FAQ 2: The Call of Serendipity

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FAQ 2: The Call of Serendipity

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 07, 2015 1:03 pm

The Call of Serendipity
The Call of Serendipity is a lifestyle and a potential movement that is based on a few philosophies: "The Way of The Warrior", "The Call of Adventure", "The Way of The Master", Egalitarianism, Unconditional Love, and good few more. To give a picture I will explain a few of these philosophies before moving onto the actual explanation of what the Call of Serendipity is about. This is necessary for a deeper understanding:

The Way of The Warrior - Is a lifestyle wherein you rejoice in competition and strive for improvement and victory. You respect your superiors because they have been going at it longer and harder than you. If someone has established honor, fame, and glory in their name then you do not insult them. You wish to gain their respect. In this way, one earns prestige for himself through sheer effort and strength.

The Way of The Master - Is a whole other level than The Way of The Warrior. It's mastering every single pursuit you undertake. When you commit yourself to something, it is absolute and you will never quit until you have mastered it. Only a rare few are even meant to survive this path, however all who try will come out better in the end even if they find they aren't quite Master material. It's not all about being a master, all become Legends if they stick to their craft long enough and never give up. For the rare individuals who become True Masters, they had to work harder than everyone else in the end. So they end up achieving a level of mastery that is so far beyond, it is unfathomable. Although a Master needs to remember the path of the Master of 2 Worlds. In order to master the world you wish to, you must master it's opposite also. Otherwise you will lack balance and become stunted.

The Call of Adventure - Is this idea that one moment, you're doing jack shit or you're just going about your daily life. The next, something happens. Some sort of accident or disaster or even a cataclysm. Some unlucky hero, is forced to respond to the incident and it leads them down this journey. They eventually return, although sometimes they have to be forced back or rescued in order to return home. When they do return home from the journey, they can use their newfound gifts to contribute to and improve their home. The idea basically is that something happens, and that event is basically a call that forces an individual to go on an adventure of purpose. Back when humans were in the wild, whether you believe cause cave men or the fall from garden of eden. Humans dealt with conditions that forced them to be on edge and responsive constantly. They had to survive. There was a constant "call to adventure" in the sense that danger was lurking around every corner. This is what is missing in modern day. In the 1st world. This is why we try to focus on every little thing that is going wrong. So we can create drama in our lives and stimulate our call to adventure.


Now the call of serendipity is a modern and even somewhat futuristic attempt at creating a constant call to adventure within humanity. It's a lifestyle wherein you learn to focus all of your efforts on self improvement and accomplishment 24/7 to the best of your ability. The idea is that if people join, the stronger and more motivated individuals can help, inspire, and lift up those less fortunate and those less strong. We post about our goals, accomplishments, and we also try to reward each other with our abilities when we make accomplishments. For instance, if someone reached a milestone of some sort? There can be lurking artists who will draw art for these people. Etc. It's a give and get system. Give back as much as you can, and the more you'll be rewarded.

The Call of Adventure is for everyone and anyone because everybody has their own unique talents, abilities, and creativity which can be expressed in a healthy and constructive way. Whether you're a boxer, someone who works out, an artist, an inventor, a scientist, or whatever you can name. You belong in TCOS, all that is required of you is that you aim to be yourself to the fullest and will put your skills to the test. Leaders are determined by respect and cred earned by accomplishment/level of mastery. There can even be entire groups of people. Teams, crews, etc. Each with their own way of handling group flow. In fact TCOS aims to be a way for such groups to form and to sync and tap into group flow.

I think this at least gives a good enough idea of what The Call of Serendipity is about. Please consider becoming a part of TCOS because the more we grow in size the more influence and impact we will have on the world to make a better place where all are happy and fulfilled.

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