The trails of a madman...

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The trails of a madman...

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 07, 2016 12:43 pm

Currently I do not have much of an ultimate plan or goal. I aim to be the best of the best. I go at life like I'm competing with the rest of the entire human population. But my goals are generally vague and unspecific.

-Physically I have no desired limit. If I can keep building myself up and getting stronger I will. But I at the very least won't be satisfied unless I'm swole as fuck. We're talking hulking alpha male body.

-Intellectually I at least aim to have professional level knowledge of some kind. Like being able to actually contribute to the scientific community for example. But again I set no real limits for this. As long as I'm living, I'm learning.

-Socially aim to be accepted as a significant authority and source of inspiration for others. That my word actually means a lot, carries a lot of weight. If I say it people listen and expect it to be true.

-Artistically I hope to get to a point where I can make some sort of series that hits off big.

Beyond that there's not much else for right now. But I only relatively recently started becoming as productive and growing as much as I have been. So it's no surprise that my goals are as general and vague as they are. I'm sure as I go along a more definitive plan of action will form.

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